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Building Bridges, Creating Opportunities 

Dream of building a career that’s not just about paychecks, but also about helping people and making a genuine difference? You’ve come to the right place.​Your Pathway to Making a Difference Starts Here.

Drawing from my years of hands-on experience as a social worker, I founded 360 Social Care with a singular focus: you. We're not just about filling vacancies; we're about finding the perfect match for your skills, aspirations, and values in the UK's social care sector.

We invest our time to truly understand what you're looking for, band train you for a job as support worker in children's home. Our ever-growing network of children's homes across the UK means there's always opportunities for support workers!

Reach out to us today, and let's embark on this fulfilling journey together.

Helping Hands

Why Choose Us

  • Industry Expertise: Leveraging deep knowledge to excel in the social care sector.

  • People-Centric Approach: Focused on the well-being, growth, and satisfaction of our recruits and stakeholders.

  • Transparency: Committed to open, honest communication, with timely updates and feedback.


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