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Foster Carer Assessment

We work with independent fostering agencies and Local Authorities completing foster carer/connected person assessments. We aim to complete the assessment within 3 months.


Initially, we provide a question-and-answer form that asks questions about yourself and this is only the beginning of a massive trip down memory lane that you will find is happy, sad and at times frustrating. 


  • The Story of your Life

  • Education and work life

  • Your Relationship and Past Relationships

  • Your experience with children

  • Your life style and support network

  • Parenting experience

Story of Your Life


This is essentially the story of your life. You may be asked to describe who reared you and their style of child rearing and how this has affected you socially and personally, how many brothers and sisters you have, and where you are in the birth order, what support network you have around you.

Some typical questions are:

  • Were you close to your parents and siblings when you were a child? Are you close now? How much contact do you have with them?

  • What are some successes or failures that you have had? What educational level have you reached? Do you plan to further your education? Are you happy with your educational attainments? What do you think about education for a child?

  • What is your employment status? Your employment history? Do you have plans to change employment? Do you like your current job

Your relationship

If you are married,  there will be questions about your marriage. These may cover how you met, how long you dated before you married, how long you have been married, what attracted you to each other, what your spouse's strengths and weaknesses are, and the issues on which you agree and disagree in your marriage.

The assessor also wants to know how you make decisions, solve problems, settle arguments, communicate, express feelings, and show affection. If you were married before, there will be questions about that marriage. 

Your experience with children

There will be questions that cover your experiences with children, relatives' children, neighbours, volunteer work, babysitting, teaching, or coaching. You might be asked some "what if" questions regarding discipline or other parenting issues. We also use case studies, role plays and videos to discuss this session. Our collection of Virtual Reality videos provides a 360 atmosphere where you would be able to see through the eyes of teh child!

Fostering Capacity

This is specific fostering-related issues, including questions about why you want to foster, what kind of child you feel you can best look after and why. 

Other areas for discussion are: What opinion you have of birth parents whom are the reason for their child being in care. How you will handle your relatives' and friends' questions about fostering, and whether you can bond to a child not genetically related to you as you will have to let them attach to you. You would benefit from researching the attachment theory especially if you are planning to foster young children. 

Your assessing social worker is guiding you and supporting you throughout the whole process and will offer advice on describing these topics. They’re not going to criticise you but, will offer advice when needed.


If you have children, they will be interviewed as part of the assessment. 

This includes adult children and childen from previous relationship/s.

Ex- partners

Most tough part for many applicants, and the assessor would approach it sensitively. Firstly, we talk about what the relationship is like now with your ex- partner, then discuss more about your time together. 

We will also sent a letter to ex-partner requesting a written refrence followed by an interview.  

Impact of Fostering

You are about to embark on an emotional roller-coaster but just remember to put your seatbelt on and you will enjoy the ride. Your assessment is also an opportunity to learn and ddevelop you knoweldge alongside skills to foster course.

If you would like to discuss about foster carer assessment, please feeel free to contact us: 

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