Is it easier to get a work peermit as social worker in UK if I study in UK?


Study in UK as an international student is an enormous investment. Some international students are looking for an exposure and polish their English language, whereas others aim for better opportunities, including settling. Pandemic and lockdown have made it really hard to experience Britain and limit your opportunity for socialisation.

If your plan is to gain a job and settle in UK after your studies, then look for jobs listed under ‘shortage occupation list’. These are in ‘shortage’ therefore high in demand. As an example, if you study nursing as an international student, it would not be hard to obtain an NMC registration and a Tier 2 sponsorship after that.

Can I get a work permit as a social worker in UK from India?

Social work remains as one of the shortage occupations as per the Home Office Tier 2 sponsorship guidance. As a shortage occupation, employers are free to employee social workers without conducting a labour market test. A labour market test is a requirement before sponsoring a foreign worker to prove employer cannot recruit a person from within the UK.Therefore, qualified social workers from India have better chances of getting a job and visa in the UK as a social worker.

Can I study social work in the UK as  an international student?

If you intend to study Social Work in UK as an international student, then you can choose an undergraduate course which is 3 years. This includes work placements 70 days in year 2 and 100 days in year 3. Considering stay back option for two years upon successful completion of your course, it would not be hard for you to obtain a job as a social worker immediately after you graduate.

If you are a graduate from India, you could choose a master's degree in social work. Duration is 2 years with two work placements. Apart from saving a year, it also helps you to reduce tuition fee and cost of living.