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How to become a social worker in the UK, a guide for Social Workers from India

Despite recent changes, social work remains as one of the shortage occupations as per the Home Office Tier 2 sponsorship guidance. As a shot occupation, employers are free to employee social workers without conducting a labour market test. A labour market test is a requirement before sponsoring a foreign worker to prove employer cannot recruit a person from within the UK.. Therefore, qualified social workers from India have better chances of getting a job and visa in the UK as a social worker.

Is MSW from India valid in the UK?

Yes, Masters in Social Work or an Under Graduate Degree in Social Work from a recognised University in India completed as a full-time course is equivalent to social worker registration in the UK. As United Kingdom is made of four nations, each nation has its own regulatory body for social workers. Most social work jobs are in England and the regulatory authority is Social Work, England.

Social worker England Registration can be obtained by sending an application from India and paying a scrutiny fee. Further information is available from their website

English Language

As a requirement for Social Worker registration, applicants from non- English-speaking countries will require having an overall 7 in the academic version of IELTS.

International English language testing system (IELTS) qualification must show:

  • · This was the academic version of the test

  • · Overall score of at least 7.0

  • · the original stamp and test report form number

  • · that you received your IELTS qualification in the last five years

India is not considered as a country where English is the first and native language. Therefore, IELTS is required to evidence English proficiency. Alternatively, if you have work experience as a social worker for a minimum of one year in any English-speaking country, then this can be used to evidence knowledge of English instead of IELTS.

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Contact us, for further information and guidance for registering to practise in England as a social worker. We have several employers looking for international social workers with UK registration and able to arrange an interview for the right candidate.

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