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Social Work Resources for listening on-the-go

If you are thinking about moving to the UK as a social worker but really busy with your work and personal life? Find alternative ways to prepare for your job interview by regularly listening to the latest social care news and opinions. Below is a list of social work podcasts.

The Open University

Covering topics ranging from applied social work practice to childhood in the digital age, the OU's health and social care podcasts are designed to accompany their academic courses.

Helpful Social Work

Presented by two social workers experienced in adult and children's services, this monthly podcast aims to help those working in social care jobs to learn, think and act with integrity, ensuring that service users get help that will transform their lives.

Social Work Research

The podcast provides listeners with the opportunity to hear about research from researchers themselves and to find out a little more about them. It provides researchers with an opportunity to share their research findings with a wider audience and to highlight important features about it. A link to the full text of the research paper under discussion in each episode is provided for those wishing to extend their learning.

Let's Talk Social Work

This is an informative and authoritative podcast from the British Association of Social Workers (BASW). Focusing on key issues affecting social workers at both local and global levels, it's a lively forum for discussion with those working in frontline social care roles, the people they support and colleagues from related professions.

Learn on the Go

Community Care helps social workers stay up-to-date with the most significant developments in social care practice, law and policy. In their regular podcasts, Community Care editors welcome expert guests to discuss the latest research, theories and practice issues, examining what they mean for social workers.

What Works for Children's Social Care

Commissioned by the Department for Education to work alongside Cardiff University's CASCADE team, What Works for Children's Social Care aims to bring the best available evidence to social care practitioners and other decision makers. The organisation's podcasts explore the latest on evidence-based practice, discussing different interventions, their effectiveness, and what this means for social workers and the children they work with.

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